Our 2023 National Park Objectives

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We are already past the mid-point of January, and I have yet to set the Roaming Monk’s National Park visit objectives for the year. I really need to get on the ball! Sometimes the challenge of updating this site and balancing the other areas of one’s life can get a bit distracting. Looks like I am setting a new objective to post more regularly on the status of the Roaming Monk.

  • Post at least once a week.
    • In doing this, I may see my style be more conversational and I also need to accept that I am not going to be able to touch on every single piece. I tend to obsess over details and that takes time.
  • Post an old trip at least once a month
    • I have almost 20 visits that I have gone on before starting to record them on this site, so I think it will be neat to include these during our down time.
  • Prepare for our two big trips so far this year
  • Finish the year with at least 100 total NPS units visited!
  • Set and publish our 2023 unit plan for the year (similar to 2022, listed here)

I think this is a good start and I am sure there will be more things to add as the year progresses. I ask you, what is your plan for the year? How are you planning to take advantage of these wonderful sites made available to us?

Looking forward to seeing how the year shapes up and where this will take us! Maybe we will see you out there sometime!

"National park Geek" pin in the packaging

In the meantime, I need to figure out where I can put this cool lapel pin my wife gave me over the holidays!

I am not sure if she was poking fun at me, but I fully embrace that I am a National Park GEEK!

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