Travel Plan for 2022

So, in all good things, there needs to be a plan.  Probable not true for all things, but for me, a planner, that statement certainly fits.  Plus, one may argue (and my wife is a strong proponent of this), that the anticipation of a trip is almost as exciting as going!  So, in that vein, I have the small list of ‘planned’ National Park Service travels this year.  Curious to see how we end up. I am also going to include any close by ‘potential’ weekend excursion opportunities, as well as the bigger ‘trips’.

Great Smoky Mountain National ParkCompleted!Apr 2022
Blue Ridge ParkwayCompleted!Apr 2022
Eisenhower NHSCompleted!Apr 2022
Gettysburg National Military ParkCompleted!Apr 2022
Fort Monroe National MonumentCompleted!May 2022
Petersburg National BattlefieldCompleted!May 2022
Richmond National BattlefieldCompleted!May 2022
Assateague Island National SeashoreCompleted!Jul 2022
Fredericksburg & Spotsylvania NMPCompleted!Jul 2022
Shenandoah National ParkCompleted!Jul 2022
Manassas National BattlefieldOpen
George Washington Memorial ParkwayCompleted!Sep 2022
Washington D.C. (numerous locations)Completed!Sep 2022
Fort Pulaski National MonumentCompleted!Dec 2022
Reconstruction Era Completed!Dec 2022
DeSoto National MemorialCompleted!Dec 2022
Ocmulgee National MonumentCompleted!Dec 2022
Kennesaw Mountain National BattlefieldCompleted!Dec 2022
Kings Mountain National Military ParkCompleted!Dec 2022
National Park Visit Results for 2022

I will return and update as we move along our journey this year. We certainly hope to have a nice update by the end of the year!

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