Resources to Help You Plan National Park Visits and Find Passport Stamps

Wooden hanging National Park Service sign

The obvious choice, The National Park Service site it full of great information and one of the best resources to help you plan National Park visits and find passport stamps. A must before making any visit, as operating times and access to certain locations can change seasonally. Another key point, they consistently post up-to-date impacts to National Park sites impacted by local issues. Something as simple as an early closure due to a broken air conditioning unit on a hot summer day, or a road closure can be found.

If you need to reserve a spot at a campsite, or lodging at most NPS locations, or even lock in that cool cave tour, you will more than likely need to go to Recreation.gov. It is a must do to have in your favorites to reserve that special spot.

Another good choice is the America’s National Parks™ site. This non-profit runs the gift shops and stores at over 150 NPS locations. The proceeds support educational, interpretive, and preservation efforts at nearly 170 national parks. They are the ones who provide the National Park Cancellations stamps, and they keep a monthly list of all stamp locations.

The National Park Travelers Club is a great resource for any National Park Visitor. The club provides networking and resources to its members who are a dedicated group of National Park enthusiasts. For only a few dollars a year you get access to the club’s Master Database of the National Park cancellation stamps. This is a great resource, which is dutifully curated by the thousands of members to ensure accuracy.  Moreover, the club provides access to their forum which is a great way to get a wealth of knowledge from their experienced members.

Open passport to your national park book with stamps

The Passport to your National Park Program is a great way to see all the sites our National Parks have to offer. Plus, it is FREE! Check out our overview of the National Park Passport program.

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