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Quick Jaunt to Sagamore Hill National Historic Site

A visit to the home of the 26th President of the United States of America

I only had a lunch hour during my recent trip to Long Island. Therefore, I was unfortunately not able to take in the tour of the house interior. I do have an affinity for Mr. Roosevelt, his life and work, so I will need to rectify that in the near future. However, a walk around the grounds of the Sagamore Hill National Historic Site and a visit to the Visitor Center will have to due.

Firstly, upon the drive up the entrance road to the property it certainly appears, that yes, this house is most certainly on a Hill.

So, truth in advertising. Thankfully the hill does not need to ‘climb’ on foot. The parking lot is evenly affixed between the main house and visitor center, which is located at the Museum in the house Old Orchard.

After parking my main interest was to walk the grounds around the estate and gain a feel for the property. Unsurprisingly, given a mid-week visit in the middle of the winter at noon, there were only a few visitors. Wait, is that a windmill? Cool!

I was struck by the unique construction of the house and how it was not modified at all from the ownership of the President. Apparently, it remained in the Roosevelt family or in a non-profit association until it was transferred to the park service allowing for retention of the house in its original condition. Clearly, they understood the value of estate planning.

Visitor Center and Museum at Old Orchard

After the brief walk around the property, I headed to the Visitor Center and museum. This was originally a house built by Teddy’s son, Ted Jr. Similarly, both he and his wife Eleanor had interesting lives themselves, which I would encourage you to delve into further here.

It was great to review the history of this most interesting man. Yes, he was the 26th President of the United States, brought to that office after the assassination of McKinley. He was also a man who made an indelible mark on so many areas; Commissioner of the NYC Police, Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Colonel 1st US volunteer Cavalry Regiment (Rough Riders) in the Spanish-American War, Governor of New York, Vice President of the United State, Writer, historian, avid hunter, naturalist, and in the sincerest form, a very interesting man.

"Thank you for visiting Sagamore Hill National Historic Site" exit sign

I was able to grab the stamp for the visit and headed out back to work. Lastly, I have to say that I was glad to catch the message on the exit sign as I left Sagamore Hill National Historic Site…

Keep your eyes on the stars but remember to keep your feet on the ground.

Theodore Roosevelt

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Sagamore Hill NHS stamp

Unit: Sagamore Hill National Historical Site

Path to 428+: 62

Region: North Atlantic

Month/Year: Feb 2023

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