My 2022 National Park Visit Results

Overall, for our first year of serious National Park unit visits, we covered a lot! Our travels brought us across 4 regions and we collected stamps at 44 new units. The big haul was a long weekend visit to Washington DC. I doubt we can maintain this pace, given the expanse and sheer number of stamps! A big thank you to the National Park Travelers Club, as their club was an amazing help and resource for me as I started out on this journey!

With the 44-unit visits in 2022 we ended the year with 61 total units. This was a sizable increase from the 17 we started with, which equated to only 4% of the total units.

The original 17 came from sending out letters to various National Park locations and politely asking for them to stamp stickers I sent along with a self-addressed envelope. Out of all the letters I sent, I only failed to receive one back! You can read more about how I got one stamp back from a 2008 visit to Puerto Rico.

We kept a focus around the eastern USA this past year, collecting stamps near our home. The one visit to the North Atlantic was made available due to a work trip. Hopefully 2023 provides similar opportunities.

The big spike in September was the Washington DC trip. We are still missing six stamps from this region, so may need to skip up to DC for one long weekend when some of the sites that are being renovated open backup. (I am talking to you Frederick Douglass NHP!)

Again, no surprise on the spread of states. Considering the large number of units visited during our DC trip, and our home base on the East Coast this certainly makes sense.

2022 Picture Collage

While on these trips and visits, it is very hard to not take pictures! All pictures, (and actually all the pictures on this site) are taken by the Roaming Monk. Please enjoy some of the images from the past year and click through to the associated trip reports.

As we move into 2023, I am already excited to put more memories in the books and share our travels. Please check out our objectives for the year.

Delicate Arch on clear day blue sky

Check out original photos in the Roaming Monk gallery!

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