Happy National Take a Hike Day!

It took me by surprise as well, but today is officially National Take a Hike Day. Anything that gets people to consider going out into nature, is great in my book.

If you are looking for places to hike, there is no shortage in the United States. There are some amazing long hikes all across the country for those who have that adventuring spirit.

Some long hikes :

  • The longest hiking trail in the United States is the American Discovery Trail. It goes 6,800 miles from coast-to-coast Delaware to California through 15 states.
  • The oldest long distance hiking trail is the Long Trail in Vermont, built between 1910 and 1930 by the green mountain club. It runs the length of that state going 273 miles.
  • One of the most popular long trails is the 2,200 mile long Appalachian Trail stretching from Main to Georgia.
  • On the west coast, the Pacific Crest Trail runs from California to British Columbia across 2,650 miles, which includes trekking across deserts and high mountain snowpacks.
  • Technically a section of the Pacific Crest Trail, a 215-mile section that runs through the high Sierras is the John Muir Trail, taking you from Yosemite to the summit of Mount Whitney.
  • Another state specific trail is the Buckeye Trail is a circular trail going 1,440 miles wholly within the state of Ohio.

There are over 200,00 miles of public footpaths in the United States. This can include local city, county, state and federally supported trail systems. So, you do not have to climb a mountain to hike in your local area. Seek out a county or state park. The main thing is to just get outside!

For me, I only had a short lunch break today, but I found myself on a county trail near my house that provide some amazing fall foliage with the sounds and smells of nature! Hoping you are able to get out sometime today on Take a Hike Day as well!

Grand Teton National Park with "Travel, Explore and find your adventure" written over the image.
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