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Georgia State Park Passport Program: Everything you need to know

The Georgia State Park & Historical Places passport program is a great way to explore the nature and sites of this state. With family in Georgia, we have visited often, and I am excited to share how we are going to use the guide to explore the various locations across the state.

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What is the Georgia State Park Passport Program

This program is run by the ‘Friends of Georgia State Parks & Historic Sites’ in partnership with Georgia’s Department of Natural Resources to promote and support these special sites.

This is an actively managed program that supports 50 local chapters across the state that helps support the mission of the promotion, education, and preservation.

white envelope with 'put a little park in your life' logo and blue Georgia State Park Passport Program book on a table

How do you get the Passport Guidebook?

A donation of $20 (or more!) to the ‘Friends of Georgia State Parks & Historic’ store from their website is all that is needed to have a passport book sent to you. 

Please be patient. I received the 96-page passport book in a specially designed pillow envelope about three weeks after I ordered it. They ship via media mail as it is the most cost effective, I would image, but that does add to the delivery time.  Take that into account in case you have an upcoming park visit!

Another option is to pick up the book at one of the five local REI store in the Atlanta Georgia area.

What is in the Passport book?

The book is stocked with information and colorful pictures about the 49 parks and historic sites across the states. The book encourages visits by categorizing locations by similar features, which they call ‘mini adventures’. These include Civil War sites, lakes, Colonial Sites, Golf course, Waterfalls, and even Canyons & Mountains.

Each park as their own page that provides a description of the park, address, picture and simple marker on a small state map to show where it is located. This is where you can apply your stamp and jot down a few notes of your visit.

There is a list all the parks alphabetically in the handy index at the back of the book as well.

inside of Georgia State Park Passport Program book with colorful images of state parks

How does the Passport stamp process work?

Get a book! Visit a Georgia state park site! Enjoy your visit! Get a stamp! It is that simple.

A section is available on each page where you can place the sticker/ink stamp.

If you have used the National Park Passport Cancellation program, it is very similar method to recording your visits. Along with the stamp, there is also a place to write a little something you enjoyed about your visit.

someone holding a sticker that says 'put a little park in your life' with book on a table in the background.

What is included with the Georgia state park and historic place guidebook?

Along with the book, I receive a need sticker ‘Put a little PARK in your Life’ sticker as well as a ‘been there’ sticker in case you miss getting a stamp at one of your visits.  (they are apparently big on the honor system!) 

Why you should register your Georgia State Park Passport Book

Registering on the website will get you on their email list, where you will be provided up to date information on how to complete special challenges. You can earn unique stickers that you can fill in the back of your passport book. For most of these challenges you have to take a selfie and submit it to receive award.

Georgia state park guidebook annual pass page

Do you have to pay to park at Georgia State parks?

Yes, there are usually parking fees at the parks that help pay for the programs and facilities. The Friends of Georgia State Parks & Historic Sites sells five different versions of an annual pass which provides different discounts and other benefits like free camping nights.

Map of Georgia State Parks & Historic Sites

Frequently asked questions

How many State Park locations are there to visit in Georgia?

There are 48 state parks and thirteen Historic places on the list in Georgia. There are also eight other sites that are identified which are operated by other organizations, and do not have stamps available.

Are there rewards or prizes for visiting the sites?

Yes! If you visit all Georgia park sites, take a photo of your book and submit it to ‘Friends of Georgia State Parks & Historic parks’ you will get a colorful challenge coin!

There are also other Challenge Clubs that provide specific quests based on your specific interest. There are quests for Hikers, Mountain Bikers, Paddlers and dog lovers. Completing these challenges gain you a members-only t-shirt. Check out the online challenge club information for more information.

Interested in Collecting Park stamps?  Check out our Ultimate Guide to National Park Cancellation Stamps. Includes all you need to know to get the most out of your visits.

Are there other State Park passport stamp programs?

Yes! There are 24 other states that offer some version of a passport program. Each are unique and provides a special spin to promote the sites in their state. Check out our complete guide to see if your state is on the list!

List of all Georgia State Parks & Historic Sites

Georgia actually has a total of 48 state parks and 15 Historic Sites & Areas, from the Beaches to the Mountains, from campgrounds and Marinas, and battlefields and museums.

Here is the comprehensive list of the location. Check out our map of the GA State Parks to see each location and plan where you want to go next.

Georgia State Park List

  1. A.H. Stephens
  2. Amicalola Falls
  3. Black Rock Mountain
  4. Chattahoochee Bend
  5. Cloudland Canyon
  6. Crooked River
  7. Dames Ferry Campground
  8. Don Carter
  9. Elijah Clark
  10. F.D. Roosevelt
  11. Florence Marina
  12. Fort McAllister
  13. Fort Mountain
  14. Fort Yargo
  15. General Coffee
  16. George L. Smith
  17. George T. Bagby
  18. Georgia Veterans
  19. Hamburg
  20. Hard Labor Creek
  21. High Falls
  22. Indian Springs
  23. Jack Hill
  24. James H. Floyd
  25. Kolomoki Mounds
  26. Laura S. Walker
  27. Little Ocmulgee
  28. Magnolia Springs
  29. Mistletoe
  30. Moccasin Creek
  31. Panola Mountain
  32. Providence Canyon
  33. Red Top Mountain
  34. Reed Bingham
  35. * Reynold’s Mansion on Sapelo Island (Not found in Passport Book)
  36. Richard B. Russell
  37. Seminole
  38. Skidaway Island
  39. Smithgall Woods
  40. Stephen C. Foster
  41. Suwannee River Eco-Lodge
  42. Sweetwater Creek
  43. Tallulah Gorge
  44. Tugaloo
  45. Unicoi
  46. Victoria Bryant
  47. Vogel
  48. Watson Mill Bridge

Georgia Historic Site List

  1. Chief Vann House
  2. Dahlonega Gold Museum
  3. Etowah Indian Mounds
  4. Fort King George
  5. Fort Morris
  6. Hardman Farm
  7. Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation
  8. Jarrell Plantation
  9. New Echota
  10. Pickett’s Mill Battlefield
  11. Roosevelt’s Little White House
  12. Traveler’s Rest
  13. Wormsloe
  14. Allatoona Pass Battlefield
  15. Griswoldville Battlefield

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